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Making a Good First ImpressionPolice Scotland brand LibDems and Tories &#39;bad debtors&#39;
POLICE Scotland has classed the Liberal Democrats and the Tories as "bad debtors" after the coalition parties refused to pay nearly £1 million in policing costs.

Almost 1,000 West Midlands Police officers have second jobs
The figures showed 979 of 7,000 police officers and another 201 civilian staff were earning extra income from non-police work

Eastern Adams Regional Police officers commended for saving man from fire
Officers Timothy Mulder and Larry Kitzmiller responded to a request for police assistance at a possible working fire on Spruce Lane in Oxford Township Sept. 20.

Ray McDonald case: SJPD internal emails suggest loose reins on cops moonlighting for 49ers
Internal police documents obtained by this newspaper illustrate the loose nature of the off-duty working arrangement with the 49ers by San Jose police officers, brought to light after a cop's presence at the home of defensive lineman Ray McDonald complicated a controversial domestic-violence investigation.

Should Police Be Able To Keep Their Devices Secret?
Officers use "Stingrays" to mimic a cell phone tower and intercept information from phones in a whole neighborhood. The federal government and police have kept such devices under wraps for years.

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