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Crime Scene Investigator job description
Position Purpose:

This position is responsible for complex crime scene investigations; responsibility for the evaluation of the scene; uses various types of equipment; develops, secures, and packages physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison; prepares detailed reports on the observations and activities a... [read more]
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Crime Scene Investigator job description 2,500 more West Midlands police jobs face the axe
FEARS over the future of crimefighting in Coventry follow the announcement that 2,500 more police jobs face the axe under £130million additional budget cuts.

Police chiefs 'bullying culture'
Police chiefs have used their expenses to fund extramarital affairs and are guilty of "potentially predatory, sexual conduct towards junior colleagues", a highly critical report has found.

East Texas police officers meet with students; dispel negative views youth have of law enforcement
Recent events in Ferguson and New York have left many young people with a negative view of law enforcement, including people here in East Texas. Local law enforcement is trying to break those stereotypes and show young people they aren't there to do them harm.

Man steals blind woman's checks, tricks friend into cashing them, police say
A man stole a blind woman's checks, police said, and then tricked his friend into cashing them for him.

Police bullying culture deterring whistleblowers, report warns
Highly critical report by the College of Policing warns of ‘macho, arrogant, bullying culture' in which whistleblowing has never been fully embedded A bullying culture in the police means that junior officers are often too scared to confront their bosses over misconduct, a highly critical report has found. The review, which uncovered cases of racism and sexism, warned there was a bullying boys ...

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