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You are definetly judged by the words you speak. There are certain words that are called "power words". These words paint a picture when they are heard during a conversation. The following list was developed by the Employment Development Department, State of California. We will be updating this list and providing you with ... [read more]
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Oral InterviewsShould Police Be Able To Keep Their Devices Secret?
Officers use "Stingrays" to mimic a cell phone tower and intercept information from phones in a whole neighborhood. The federal government and police have kept such devices under wraps for years.

Almost 1,000 West Midlands Police officers have second jobs
The figures showed 979 of 7,000 police officers and another 201 civilian staff were earning extra income from non-police work

May rejects police bureaucracy fear
Recording a person's age and ethnicity every time they are detained under mental health laws, Tasered or restrained will "not add to police bureaucracy", the Home Secretary has said.

After 'anarchist' remarks, police union leader's role limited
SANTA CRUZ >> Police Chief Kevin Vogel said Thursday the department's public information officer will no longer speak on behalf of a police managers union to avoid confusion between the roles.

APD facing potential mass exodus
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - Up to 200 Albuquerque Police Department officers may retire between now and 2016 to take advantage of more lucrative re…

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