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College Prep Courses

Suggestions for Career Preparation

College and University Majors

The following list of college and university majors are taken from over 1,750 colleges and Universities. These majors represent some, but not all, relevant majors which individuals seeking employment and/or advancement in law enforcement and fire fighting careers might wish to consider.

Administrative and Public Relations

* International Relations
* Law and Legal Studies
* Peace and Conflict Studies
* Public Relations
* Public Administration
* Public Administration / Services
* Public Policy Analysis
* Security and Loss Prevention
* Urban Studies

Criminal Justice

* Corrections Administrations
* Criminal Justice and Corrections, general
* Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
* Criminal Justice Studies
* Criminology
* Law Enforcement / Police Science

Fire Sciences

* Fire Protection, general
* Fire Protection and Safety Techniques
* Fire Service Administration
* Fire Science / Fire Fighting

Park Ranger

* Fishing and Fisheries
* Forestry
* Forest Production and Processing
* Natural Resource Management and Protection Services
* Wildlife and Wild lands management

Social and Behavioral Sciences

* Protective Services
* Psychology
* Social Science
* Social Work
* Sociology

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